How to adjust hotel room service to actual health and safety rules in pms hotel system?

Pms hotel means the property management system of the hotel. Running a good hotel business requires a list of health and safety protocols.

Pms hotel system contains documentation about training and implementing these safety procedures. There is an occupational safety committee to ensure the safety of everyone. Room service should also be a part of hotel safety rules and regulations in the PMS or property management system.

A cloud-based online room service system provides descriptions of the food ingredients where guests can see them and be safe from allergic reactions and other health conditions by reading the provided information.

To adjust hotel room service with the hotel safety protocols, the staff providing the service in the rooms and the kitchen should always have to be neat and clean wearing masks and gloves where necessary. The storage area has to be organized properly and stored food should be refrigerated and covered off the floor properly sealed. The expiry date and the quality of the goods should be checked routinely and meat has to be separated from other food. Useful chemicals have to be away from the food and the area has to be pest proofed. Ready to eat food must have to be store wrapped and transported separately from raw foods. During a pandemic, the food handlers have to go one by one to deliver the food to maintain proper social distance.

Adding some of these rules in the PMS hotel system the health and safety rules can be adjusted to the hotel room service.

  • Only 15°C or less than frozen food should be transported.
  • Only 60°C or above that hot food should be transported.
  • 5°C or bellow that perishable cold foods should not be transported.
  • Trained staff on food safety measures and appropriate hygiene.

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