How to arrange secure payments for room service food orders in pms software?

The day of a cashless society is not too far around the corner. The system will handle everything digitally with digital currency. Guests in the hotel also prefer ‘behind the scenes’ payment method instead of physically handing their credit cards. Therefore, hotels are arranging secure payment systems for room service food orders in PMS software.

The room service payment method can be made secured using online room service software that comes with a secured payment gateway. This cloud-based software is connected with PMS software and it handles every action from any order to the payment system for the food. This room service software makes the payments for room service food 100 percent secure.

Guests can choose the payment method and time and make the payment through this software according to their preference. They can pay each time they order food from the room service or they can pay while checking-out. The software supports every payment method like ApplePay, Debit/credit card, Paypal, and more. It is connected with multiple payment partners. It is also compatible with EPoS systems or existing payment gateways.

The card is inserted and the card reader is connected to the PMS software. Then payment gateway gets the data and encrypts the data and sends it to the payment processor through a secured line. Pms software does not contain the credit card data and keeps the payment system secure. The encrypted data is transmitted by the payment processor to the payment network and then the transaction is declined or approved.

The payment system can be more secured by doing these below:

  • Protecting the POS system.
  • Informing company policies to the employees and managers.
  • Securing the customer’s card with the PMS software system.
  • Being committed to PCI compliance.

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