FOODITO digital Room Service; Electronic menu of your restaurant in every hotel room!

With the FOODITO Room Service solution, all your guests have their room service at their fingertips.

The smooth and quick integration between FOODITO Room Service and your website FOODITO takes high-end service and revenue stream one step further.

The Technology

FOODITO is a cloud-based property management room service system designed to meet the needs of hospitality businesses of all sizes including hotels, motels, resorts, B&Bs, lodges and campgrounds. FOODITO provides tools to help users manage hospitality businesses.

FOODITO Smart hotel room service software improving guest in-hotel experience. – The modern hotel is a complex system with countless elements and processes to be handled and controlled every day. Fast, powerful, secure – our cloud-based software is exactly what it takes to keep up with the latest hospitality trends, be better than other hotels and thrive financially.

Set with a few clicks – Setting up the room service takes about no time at all. Just specify what you want to provide it in the settings of the self service portal.(kas te domats?) Once a booking is checked in, the links to them will be activated and guests will be able to access their e-menus.

Your revenue will grow, guests will leave the hotel happy, come back and recommend it, employees are more organized and stress-free.

Fully Responsive
FOODITO Room Service menu looks great on any device. Content can be easily read and a user understands freely what you wanted to say him or her.
Pure & Simple
No fluff. Nothing should lead the visitor away from the main essence of website. There must be just important information.
Color Palette
FOODITO Room Service menu can easily change with 10 different color schemes will help you in quick landing’s adaptation according to your benchmark style.
Real-time Analytics
Get a clear overview of your Room Service status and all orders. Know what needs to be done and plan ahead to save the costs. Learn your guests’ expectations and carry out the necessary improvements to increase guest satisfaction.
Customers Satisfaction
Customer care is a crucial element of business success. With FOODITO Room Service understand your customers needs and increase the likelihood of further sales.
Multi-Integrations options
The FOODITO Room Service menu can be easy adapted to most of the popular websites and web platforms.


Easy to start FOODITO Room Service

No special requirements or knowledge. Just let us know that your hotel is interested in trying it and Foodito will take care of it.

Stunning Flexibility

The given template is armed with the number of settings, so you can easily adapt it.

Step on The New Level

Innovative solutions and simple mathematically calculated design make it actual for a long time.

It works through the WI-FI

Hotel guests simply log in to the hotel Wi-fi and start ordering.

Simple customization

Easy to customize and integrate on your website.


Working principles of FOODITO Room Service in infographic.

Modern solution

Room service or in-room dining is a hotel service enabling guests to choose items of food and drink for delivery to their hotel room for consumption. Room service is organised as a subdivision within the food and beverage department of high-end hotel and resort properties. It is uncommon for room service to be offered in hotels that are not high-end, or in motels.Room service may be provided on a 24-hour basis or limited to late night hours only. Due to the cost of customized orders and delivery of room service, prices charged to the patron are typically much higher than in the hotel's restaurant or tuck shop, and a gratuity is expected.

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