What is FOODITO?

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Your guests' room service at their fingertips with FOODITO Digital Room Service solution!

Take high-end service and your revenue stream one step further with the quick and smooth integration between your website and FOODITO Digital Room Service!

How does FOODITO work?

FOODITO is a cloud-based room service system designed to meet the needs of hospitality businesses of all sizes including hotels, motels, resorts, B&Bs, lodges and campgrounds. FOODITO provides tools to help users manage hospitality businesses.

● FOODITO Digital Room Service improves guest's in-hotel experience - the modern hotel is a complex system with countless elements and processes that are handled and controlled every day. Fast, powerful and secure - our cloud-based software is exactly that, and let's you keep up with the latest hospitality trends, thrive financially and be ahead of the competition.

● Through FOODITO, create your hotel room service menu online, which can then be easily changed with 10 different color schemes, that helps you adapt it to your benchmark style and looks great on any device. Easily read content and efficient communication with your guests.

For example:

The hotel receives orders via FOODITO API by email - you would enter this info into your system (Micros or any other).

Get a clear overview of your Room Service status and orders. Know what needs to be fulfilled and plan ahead to save costs, as well as learn your guest preferences and carry out the necessary improvements to increase guest satisfaction.

FOODITO will require the following information from the hotel to proceed with the implementation:

Menu Name: Restaurant "*****" or Hotel Name "*****";


Data: (name, address, tax number, phone <- restaurant)
-- Sales tax %
-- Delivery/Service costs

● The hotel is able choose an online menu domain name: (your-hotel-name).roomservice.pro or use your own name creating a subdomain: roomservice.your-domain., etc.

Working hours;

Menu languages - English or any other (multilingual mode is possible);

Menu text with prices, categories and pictures (we would need pictures for coffee, tea or any special drinks you might have, as for the rest we have a database with pictures)
-- if you have: a list of allergens for each meal;
-- if available: list of extras/add-ons to meals;

Approximate food delivery time, how many minutes, what can the guest choose as the fastest delivery (+25 min, +30 min or similar). Of course, for hot dishes we can make a note to guests that the delivery is up to 1 hour.

Payment type/method
-- Payment on receipt (Cash or Card)
-- Deposit (on Room)
-- FOODITO system has integrated the following online payment methods:

After FOODITO creates a digital room service menu for the hotel, the next step is to make your guests aware of this solution - the hotel would promote FOODITO.

FOODITO will provide the hotel with a unique QR code that will open the digital menu when guests scan it;

The hotel must create information materials (provided by FOODITO) about online room service and the order process - see below.
U.S. Sales Phone Number


U.K. Sales Phone Number


Email Adress


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