Welcome to SP. Z O.O., digital Room Service; Electronic menu of your restaurant in every hotel room! FOODITO is a cloud-based room service system designed to meet the needs of hospitality businesses of all sizes including hotels, motels, resorts, B&Bs, lodges and campgrounds. FOODITO provides tools to help users manage hospitality businesses.
Founded in 2019 by Andris Stinka and Aigars Zeidaks, FOODITO has come a long way from its beginnings in Wroclaw. After successful pilots in Wroclaw hotels, now FOODITO is in the Hotels over the world.
FOODITO pivoted out of rooms to hotel ecosystems coming into 2020 and then went further on the wings of the COVID-19 crisis, pioneering digital hotel communities – interconnecting hotels with on-site venues as well as surrounding partner vendors of food and beverage, leisure and experience services, including restaurants, supermarkets, beauty and health, recreation, tours and excursions…
We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How does FOODITO work?

Without downloading any new apps on their phone, hotel guests simply scan the tabletop QR code or tap an NFC tag with their smartphone and access the hotel's digital room service menu. When the order is placed, it goes directly to the vendor, whether it is a restaurant connected to the hotel or the hotel restaurant, where it is processed. Hotel guests are able to see see the status of their order as well as complete a feedback survey to help ensure full customer satisfaction.
Design and print QR code props
Hotel guests scan the QR code or tap NFC tag with their smartphone
Order is placed through the digital room service menu
Start building your digital room service menu

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Switching to a digital menu means that you are able to put the QR code on signage or flyers in each room, or even the guest's room access card. They can then scan the code with their device and start browsing the menu with ease by using a customer-friendly format.

Our customers
"We use FOODITO to protect our visitors. Dirty old menus are a thing from the past. So far clients report no issues. And they love our new online menu."

Gatis Švarcs
F&B strategic manager - Mogotel

"Clients are happy. They can see that we are a responsible bar and their health is a priority. No more old dirty menus. All they need is their phone."

Bellevue Park Hotel Riga

"No more printing and reprinting for some small mistake in our menu or price change. We love what FOODITO have provided."

Wellton Riverside SPA Hotel

"FOODITO was the perfect tool for the COVID situation. We should go earlier to this type of menu."

Sky Loft Hotel Kyiv by Rixwell

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to download an app to place orders?

No - hotel guests don't need to download an app, as they can order immediately via the FOODITO web app. They simply scan the QR code or, alternatively, tap an NFC tag and you can browsing the menu and ordering.

Can guests browse our digital menus in their native language?

Yes. Display your menu in German, Spanish, French or any other major language that our platform supports. The right language, in conjunction with appealing images of your menu items make the order process very easy for your foreign customers.

Do we need to contact you to make changes to our menus and restaurant settings?

No. Change menu items, hours of menu availability, modifiers, fees and much more all by yourself. You are in complete control of your hotel's profile and menu!

Will our guests be notified that their order has been received?

Yes. After guests enter their email during the checkout process, they will receive confirmation notifications that their order has been accepted.

Does FOODITO only work for in-room dining?

No. FOODITO can be deployed for any kind of venue, whether it is service in hotels, restaurants, poolsides, beachsides, rooftop bars, cafes, shops, sporting venues, theaters, etc. There is virtually no limitation to where you can introduce our web-based platform. Better yet, you can interconnect as many venues as you wish while managing them from only one user profile.

Is FOODITO available only in certain geographical regions?

No. FOODITO is a truly global solution and available anywhere in the world.

How do I raise awareness among my guests about the possibility to order via FOODITO?

Easy. FOODITO will provide you complimentary design proposals for your QR code or NFC chip tag marketing props. FOODITO is brand agnostic and completely aligns with your brand style guides. We can design QR codes and NFC tags for you on a wide range of props – from cardboard, to wood and stone.

Does FOODITO support different currencies, services charges and payment methods?

Yes. FOODITO accommodates all your payment requirements, including payment in different currencies, charging different tax rates for menu items, adding various service and delivery charges. Guests can choose from any preferred method of payment that you would like to offer (Charge to Room, Cash or Credit Card).

Does FOODITO allow to retrieve and analyze my customer data?

Yes. FOODITO provides you with complete access to your guest data. FOODITO does not keep nor does it sell the data to third parties as it is GDPR compliant.

Is FOODITO expensive?

No. FOODITO does not require any kind of capital investment and pricing plans are available from as low as $50 per month. To inquire about your exact pricing, please get in touch with us. There are no hidden costs nor do we charge setup fees. Our flexible contracts allow you to discontinue our partnership without any hassle.

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